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Church Council

•Mr.  Thomas Maier, President
•Mrs. Ruth Betz, Vice President
•Mrs. Karen Held, Secretary
•Mr.  Daniel Hribok, Treasurer, Memorial Endowment
 Dr.   Andrew Manzo,  Worship & Music* 
•Mrs. Doreen Andersen, ECEC*
•Mrs. Ruth Betz, Finance*, Memorial Endowment
•Mrs. Donna Bodenmiller, Social Ministry*
 •Mr.  Gerard Farrell, Stewardship*
•Mrs. Elizabeth Gardiner, Evangelism*
 •Miss Diana Tarello, Parish Activities*
•Mr.  Peter Crusco, LuHi
  •Mr. Matthew Schelling, Family Life
 Mrs. Vivian Leykamm Ballas, Athletics
•Mr. Gary Grau* and Mr. Wayne Wohlsen, Property
•Reverend Robert E Weber, S.T.S., Pastor

*indicates committee chair

The Council meets the second Tuesday of each month, except for July and August.  Look for news from council meetings and committee activity highlights in Sunday's bulletin.  

Committee chairpersons will be looking for 2-3 congregational volunteers to serve on each committee.  Please consider giving your time and talents to assist a committee and share your ideas.  Please reach out to the committee chairperson or call the church office to volunteer.